Elphinstone Lake Campground

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Elphinstone Lake has toilets Elphinstone Lake has water available Elphinstone Lake has picnic fireplaces There are bbqs available at Elphinstone Lake There are picnic tables available at Elphinstone Lake Elphinstone Lake has picnic tables You can go fishing at Elphinstone Lake You are able to canoe in Elphinstone Lake Pets allowed in Elphinstone Lake

Free Camping on the edge of a small, beautiful lake.

This is a great spot suitable for caravans with a view of the lake from your camp site. The level of the water changes a fair bit, and can get very low during a drought, however when full is a beautiful spot.

Water skiing (in sections depending on water levels) and fishing (check on seasons) are popular here, however it is also a great spot for canoeing/kayaking.

Update Oct 2017: New amenities block consisting of 4 unisex (cold) showers + 4 unisex toilets. Old amenities block closed. Resident "Book Book" the rooster needs some company, so if you have a spare hen bring it along.

Check out the blue-green algae level indicator between the amenities block and the water before any water activities.

A concrete boat ramp is at the southern end of the camping area.

Nearest fuel (BP) is 57 kms away at Nebo Junction and was same price as Mackay when reviewed. Note the servo closes around dusk.

Facilities and activities at Elphinstone Lake

Number of sites:


Camping Fees:



This is a free camping area.

How to book:


Flushing Toilets


Pets are allowed with conditions

Water Availability:

Non-potable water may be available. Boil all water for at least 10 minutes before drinking.

Camp fires:

There are no built fireplaces in this camp ground, however it may be permisable to have a camp fire under certain conditions. Please check local fire restrictions and rules before lighting fires.


Wood barbeques are available. Bring firewood and check firebans.


You are able to swim in the lake nearby.


There are fishing spots at or near this campsite.

Picnic Tables:


Horse Riding:


Canoeing / Kayaking:

There are canoeing and kayaking spots at or near this campsite

More Information


Location information for Elphinstone Lake


This site is accessable by caravans in good weather.

Getting there

Just off the Sutton Development Road, about 2 hours south west from Mackay.

View directions from Mackay To Elphinstone Lake in google maps

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