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Below is an attempt to answer some of the questions I have been asked about
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The aim of this site is to provide a resource for people who like to experience the Australian bush by immersing themselves in nature. It is based mostly on my own travels around Australia over the last 20 or so years. Wherever possible, I have included photos and descriptions of the camp sites, as well as links to the park (National Park, State Forest etc) that they are in.

I built it because my wife likes to go camping (Lucky me). Only problem is, everytime we decided to go somewhere, we would spend hours looking through lots of websites (some of them excellent, some of them average) trying to work out where to camp.

Being an (ex)web developer, I used some of those (fairly rusty) skills to put together a database of places we have been, or would like to go. While I was doing that, it seemed like a good idea to make it a real, living breathing, website.

The new trip planner, favourites and campsite suggestion sections (along with the members area) are an extension of the pages I use to interact with the campsite database. By making them publicly available, hopefully I (and everyone else) will be able to access an ever expanding selection of campsites. Win-Win?

The search is fairly simple. Just enter the town you would like to go camping near and a search radius. This will bring back a map of all the campsites and parks within that distance. Please note that the search radius is “as the crow flies”, NOT the distance by road.

The list of campsites and National Parks on the left will remain as you browse, and the park or campsite you are in will be highlighted.

The other way to search is to use the "Trip Planner". This uses google directions and does a search for campsites near the route. You can also save campsites to a trip plan (provided you are logged in).

As accurate as I can make it, but please verify information before you head out with the car packed. The purpose of the site is to help people identify campsites that they might like to visit, not to be a definitive resource. Most of the information on this site is my own observations; however I have cross referenced other online sources for things like fees. If you notice an error, or have additional information you would like to see included, please let me know.

Lists of caravan parks and road side rest areas to park your 5th wheeler for free. Some of the campgrounds listed may be caravan suitable though. I have included places that I have visited, or am planning to visit so it is unlikely that a gravel stock pile on the side of the Highway is going to be there.

There are a few privately owned campgrounds listed on this site, but they are only those that provide a true camping experience or are the only alternative next to a National Park or place I am planning to visit. I do not charge owners of those sites to list them here.

Maybe. In between camping, working full time, and raising a family (in no particular order). I have a couple of ideas, but they may take a few long nights to hack together.

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