Hammond Road Campground

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Hammond Road has toilets Hammond Road has water available Hammond Road has picnic fireplaces There are bbqs available at Hammond Road There are picnic tables available at Hammond Road

A ridge top fenced paddock, very open (most sites without shade), gently sloping with bumpy tussock grass and some holes.

A poor, scruffy camp. Potentially hot and dusty in summer. Dam water.

There are caravan only sites and a grassed area for tent based camping. You can choose your site when you book online.

Situated in the dryer northern end of the Otways, vegetation tends towards heathland with Brown Stringybark, Messmate and Shining Peppermint with some wattle understory.

Bring your own firewood as collection in the park is prohibited.

Thanks to SingleMumCamping for the following review, for updating the features and for the great photos.

I visited Hammond Road Campground in Feb 2015, right at the end of Summer. We found the site to be lush and green, the grass soft, the wildlife friendly without being imposing, and the small dam filled with tiny baby fish which my kids were fascinated with. The roads into the campground were soft gravel/sand roads, but easily driveable with a softroader and well maintained, a credit to park management. The toilets were pleasantly designed, clean, and with lockable doors on all three cubicles, one of which was sized as a disabled cubicle or a child changing room size. There is a tank of non-drinkable water available which is handy for washing mud off boots and gear if needed, or for putting out campfires.

The campsites themselves are reasonably spacious for tents, and the RV/Caravan/campervan sites are nicely fenced and gardened. There are plenty of campfires set up, about 3 sites per each. Slight difficulty for campertrailers, unless they are rear- or forward-folding. Side-folding campertrailers would only be able to set up in the soft gravel car park for the tented sites. There are also tabletops for all the campsites in the tented area.

Collection of firewood is strictly prohibited - must bring own firewood and kindling with you.

Park rangers are kind, informative and friendly. They are happy to supply you with maps and information, even pertaining to the free campsites remaining in the Otways region.

Facilities and activities at Hammond Road

Number of sites:


Camping Fees:

From $11.70 per night


Bookings can be made over the phone or internet.

How to book:

To view pricing and book online, visit parkstay.vic.gov.au


Longdrop or composting


Not allowed

Water Availability:

Non-potable water may be available. Boil all water for at least 10 minutes before drinking.

Camp fires:

Fires may be allowed in built fire places. Please check local fire bans and rules.


Wood barbeques are available. Bring firewood and check firebans.


There are no known swimming spots at this campsite.


There is no fishing at or near this campsite.

Picnic Tables:


Horse Riding:


Canoeing / Kayaking:

There is no canoeing or kayaking at or near this campsite

More Information


Location information for Hammond Road

This campsite is in Great Otway National Park

Great Otway is a wonderfully diverse coastal National Park, stretching between Torquay and Princetown in Victoria.

More Information...


This site is accessable by caravans in good weather.

Getting there

From Aireys Inlet: North-west 11k up the Bambra Rd (mainly gravel) right 200m on Hammonds Rd, gate on the right

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