Roses Park Campground

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Roses Park has toilets Roses Park has water available Roses Park has picnic fireplaces There are bbqs available at Roses Park There are picnic tables available at Roses Park Roses Park has picnic tables Pets allowed in Roses Park

This is a medium sized site with one half terraced and the other half a gentle but contoured slope towards the bush-lined river.

Being on the road bend and beside a bridge, there is constant traffic noise.

A sign next to the toilets promotes the preservation of Snapping Turtles. No Snapping Turtles were seen during the review, so their snapability is unconfirmed.

The toilets flush into a septic system and "don't" notices adorn the 2 separate unisex cubicles. A sign in the toilets says water is available from Church St Bellenger, but this was unconfirmed.

There is a dedicated stepped narrow walkway near the road bridge down to the Bellinger River where wading and swimming can occur and where the pylons of a previous road bridge stand as a tombstonic reminder of previous attempts at road building and river crossing. Just the photographic image you need to put in your campsite album, beit in the cloud or in the book.

Firewood can be obtained from the nearby Thora General Store, conveniently placed 150m away, for the standard price of $12 (Sep 2015) per bag. The presence of a hotplate in the nearest scattered small fire place to you is a lucky draw. The large brick fireplace visible from streetview is without hotplate.

Picnic tables are provided, however only one is sheltered.

A community hall on the opposite side of the road overlooks the entire campsite.

And this is one campsite to which you can catch a bus. The bus pulls into the General Store carpark. The route number was not know at time of review. At time of review a one armed camper arrived by bus.

Noisy crickets dominate the reducing night-time traffic noise. Of course crickets make their noise by rubbing their leg-bye with a no-ball.

Gold coin donation. Max stay 2 nights.

Garbage bins are provided.

There are old discussions on other forums re this site. It may have been closed around 2011-2012, but it now seems actively cared for by volunteers and the council. Please support the efforts of the volunteers by caring for the park and the turtles and by chucking the gold coin in the box provided --- see photo.

Nearby attractions:

* Dangar Falls

Facilities and activities at Roses Park

Number of sites:


Camping Fees:

Gold coin donation. Max stay 2 nights.


You are not able to make bookings for this site.

How to book:

No bookings required.


Flushing Toilets


Pets are allowed with conditions

Water Availability:

Non-potable water may be available. Boil all water for at least 10 minutes before drinking.

Camp fires:

Fires may be allowed in built fire places. Please check local fire bans and rules.


Wood barbeques are available. Bring firewood and check firebans.


This campsite is near a river or creek that has swimming holes.


It is not known if there are any fishing spots near this campsite.

Picnic Tables:


Horse Riding:
Canoeing / Kayaking:

There is no canoeing or kayaking at or near this campsite

Location information for Roses Park

Caution! - The location in the map above is approximate.
Please check the "Getting There" information below.

We have no information available on what vehicles can access this campsite.

Getting there

120m from Thora General store.

Google map location

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