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Grimwade has water available Grimwade has picnic tables You are able to canoe in Grimwade Pets allowed in Grimwade

Free camping in the remains of an old mill town, suitable for caravans.

Grimwade was a mill town, but all that is left of the old town site is some footings and scattered remnants.

You can easily see where the houses once stood, with remnant gardens and fruit trees.

There are numerous large, flat, accessible areas big enough to park a 4WD and the largest of caravans.

Grimwade does not have any amenities so you need to be self-sufficient.

Bring food and clean water, your own portable cooking fire (especially during the summer fire ban), and rubbish bags.

There are no rubbish bins so please take your rubbish home with you.

Facilities and activities at Grimwade

Number of sites:


Camping Fees:

Free camp


This is a free camping area.

How to book:

No bookings


No toilets available at this campsite


Pets are allowed with conditions

Water Availability:

Non-potable water may be available. Boil all water for at least 10 minutes before drinking.

Camp fires:

No fires are permitted at this camp ground.


No bbqs are provided.


This campsite is near a river or creek that has swimming holes.


It is not known if there are any fishing spots near this campsite.

Picnic Tables:

Picnic tables are not provided at this camsite

Horse Riding:
Canoeing / Kayaking:

There are canoeing and kayaking spots at or near this campsite

More Information

Location information for Grimwade


This site is accessable by caravans in good weather.

Getting there

From Balingup drive north on South Western Highway for 900 metres and turn right onto Grimwade Road.

Continue on this road for 11.5 km. You’ll pass the Kirup-Grimwade Road T-junction at 9kms.

Continue a further 2.5kms then there are 3 turnoffs into Grimwade on the left hand side of the road, but they are not signposted.

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